AgileCamp Dallas 2016
Capital One Plano Conference Center
8036 Dominion Pkwy, Plano TX 75024
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Derek Lane

Agile Enterprise Transformation Coach/Architect
After years of fumbling around with fire and smoke, Derek Lane has in recent years found his calling as the World’s First Self Certified BBQ Life Coach and a practitioner of all things BBQ. In a completely unrelated but parallel universe, Derek has been known to successfully ply both the art and science of BBQ to the Lean/Agile Mindset, Software Craftsmanship and introducing Organizational Culture Change in ways scientists are just now beginning to contemplate the full impact of. Coincidence? We think not! Striving to find efficient, productive and fun ways to build successful software and highly functioning teams has taken Derek on a journey as a mentor, coach, consultant, strategist, visionary, architect, developer, trainer and methodologist, all while striving to harness the best people, technologies, and techniques available for the job at hand. He is also a contributor to various books, projects and conferences as an author, presenter, committer, technical reviewer and organizer. Feel free to share your experiences with Derek about BBQ, Software Craftsmanship, BBQ, Agile, Virtual Reality, BBQ, your favorite technology or BBQ. Oh, or perhaps even BBQ!